The Northern Steppes

Welcome to the Northern Steppes

"Hail and well met traveller! Warm yourself by the fire, it is a cold and brutal place here in the Northern Steppes. If not cold or starvation kill you, it might be the barbarians, cut-purses or some other sort of brigand will. Charm your tongue or you may be met with steel in your travels."

The Northern Steppes is North Eastern Indiana's largest and premier Dagorhir group. It may sound like we role-play, but we do much more. We sport over 60 fighters with an average of 30 fighters at our Sunday practices swinging foam, grappling, and bashing each other in a community unlike any other. Although we are a Dagorhir chapter, any foam fighting background is welcomed! If you don't have any, come out and give it a try - basic training only takes a few minutes and we will have you out swinging foam with a grin on your face in no time. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Practice Schedule

Practices are generally held in the field near the splash pad until the fall - pay attention to the announcements for these.
Sunday practices are garbed - so come show off your duds! New to the game? You have 8 practices until you need to have and wear your garb - even if it is just scrubs and a cloth belt.

Electronic Forms

At or heading to a practice? You'll have to fill out our
NS e-Waiver!
NEW!: Want to pay your membership online? Look no further!


April 2016
Please check our facebook group page for current events.
Gathering of the Clans 4 is fast approaching! Let us know how you want to help!
The site will be receiving a massive overhaul this June!



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